Shipping anywhere in the world
For all those people anywhere in the world who love shopping or want to relocate to another country we have a good news for you. We have a proven system that will allow you to ship anywhere in the world and save a lot of money. We will handle everything for a stress free shopping or relocation.


For small and big shipments that needs to be there ASAP, ShippingAndTravel offers air cargo shipments.
We provide door-to-door service as well as door-to-port.
ShippingAndTravel consolidates its air cargo shipment and it departs every Friday morning. Bulk air departs every day.


Internet shopping is suppose to be for everyone. However, most international internet stores does not deliver to overseas addresses because they are not familiar with the country and its people.

Some of the companies do but the prohibitive cost of shipping discourages this method.

Shoppers go to the extend of asking their overseas friends and relatives to do the shopping, packaging, and shipping for them. But who would like to bother your busy friends and relatives while there is a bonded-professional company that could do it for you- ShippingAndTravel, your one-stop shop for shopping, shipping and travel needs.


Returning Resident, Balikbayan Shipment
One of the specialization of ShippingAndTravel is Relocating to Philippines shipment or the Returning Resident. In planning your retirement move, one may opt to leave everything behind and just take a suitcase. One might think of just shipping a few boxes, and some might opt to ship a whole container or two. Our relocation experts, who will provide you with their cell phone numbers will be straight forward to you and will expertly answer all your questions anytime.


ShippingAndTravel handles shipment of vehicles to the Philippines. Automobile shipping falls under a different category and rates in ocean cargo. It also involves a different reporting system to international and Philippine Governments.


Travel Anywhere in the World
Do you love to travel? We think that majority of people will say yes but due to lack of time or money a lot of them are hesistant to go on a tour. We believe that traveling around the globe shouldn't be hard and costly, they just need to plan ahead of time and to get an advise to travel expert like us.

Shipping and Travel 4 Steps